Investor & Licensee Info

We are glad that you are interested in having your very own Madhatters Tea House & Cafe. If you are ready to rarely have a day off, and you really love people, cooking and coaching and organizing a “thousand pieces of the pie” everyday, then maybe you are a good candidate. First of all, in my opinion it’s not about how much money you have. Nor is it how smart you are or even if that you have worked at other cafés and restaurants. We don’t even care if you’ve never worked in a restaurant. What we care about is your common sense, your ability to think quickly and “read people” and work the harder than you ever have before. People always think that owning a restaurant is so glamorous, that you get to travel, that you can sit around and talk to customers all day. Let me tell you what I think it’s about. It’s about making people feel something, payroll taxes, it’s about systems, state taxes, food safety, human resources, portion control, training guidlines, customer relations, web sites, advertising, the electricity bill, water bill, great food, attorney’s fees, being in the public domain, equipment failure, computer/register malfunctions, smiles, work ethic, parties, weddings, catering, deliveries, music choices, no-shows, awards, great press, walk-outs. I could go on but I think this is enough to start. Mad Boot Camp: Potential candidates who would like to find out if they will be awarded a licence to operate their own Madhatters Tea House & Cafe or Madhatters Tea House & Cafe Express should contact us. Requirements:
  1. Non-Refundable $16k investment if candidate fails boot camp. If the candidate can hang after the year and we award a licensing agreement, the $16k initial investment will be deducted from the $48K needed to be awarded the agreement. During your "try out you will be paid a salary of $290.00 per week as a outside contractor.
  2. During the 365 days of your “try out” you will work a full quarter of the month in the “heart of the house”, washing dishes, prepping food, learning recipes and systems and cooking and sweating alot.
  3. The second quarter of the year you will work in “the front of the house”, running food, being a counter person, bus person, host person or anything else we need you to do, and you’ll sweat alot.
  4. The third quarter of the year you will help manage the store and learn all aspecs of our internal accounting sytems and procedures, to inlude but are not limited to hiring poeple, firing people, sweating alot, being called in anytime, and washing dishes, cooking, cleaning and never traveling or having a day off.
  5. The last quarter of the year you will become the “owner” and releave our current managers and owners so they can go to the Bahamas if they like with out worrying about the store. And you’ll wash dishes, do payroll, pay taxes, and get no sleep.
There is no gaurantee of success. If you do succeed then we will help you with site selection, decor, training, in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Marcos, Praugue, San Fransisco, anywhere really, at your expense. You will also sign your own lease, get your own beer & wine license, hire employees, get insurance, get your certificate of occupancy etc. and sweat alot with no sleep. Once you are open, Rooibos Inc. will recieve 3% of your gross sales the first year you are in operation, 4% the second year, 5% the third year and 6% the fourth year and every year after that. Good Luck. And seriously, do not ask for a day off or ask to go on vacation during your “try out” You may think this is silly, but for those you see this as the opportunity of your lifetime, then I suggest you “jump off the cliff” as I did 15 years ago and started this business with $30K. I think that there has to be an “owner” at every store and thats what I think will make future locations successful. We can work together to make every store your own. We want lot’s of people to enjoy our Tea House & Cafe. I know we ahve proven sytems for success. We think that this “outside the box thinking” has gotten us this far, so why stop now. In 2007 our sales reached almost 1 million in gross sales. You do the math. Get Busy.
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